Magical and healing properties of gemstones

Magical and healing properties of gemstones

Magical and healing properties of natural stones


Magical properties - Brings happiness, good luck, health and longevity. Agate is a stone of love and trust, which helps maintain warm relations between spouses and brings harmony and peace to the home. Protects from evil, absorbs negative energy and calms. Healing  properties - Accelerates the treatment of coughs and colds, helps in the prevention of dental and oral cavity diseases. Treats diseases of the cardiovascular system, relieves arthritis and joint diseases.


Magical properties - stone of harmony, calms and stabilizes in every life situation. Promotes creativity and imagination. Helps to get rid of hidden emotions - grief, fear, guilt, etc. It also helps to get rid of bad habits. Healing properties-stimulates the immune system, helps cleanse the body of toxins, helps against various skin diseases and treats kidney diseases.


Magical properties - Aquamarine helps restore peace of mind, restore the nervous system, reduce melancholy and normalize the psycho-emotional background. Protects the owner from gossip and any negative influence. Improves communication skills. Soothes feelings of fear, doubt, sadness and loneliness. Healing properties- Aquamarine is one of the most powerful healers, it helps with thyroid, skin, lung, arthritis, eye, throat and sea diseases


Magical properties - Able to save from ill-considered decisions, attract luck, dispel negative energy. In addition, Amazonite gives clarity of thought and peace to the one who constantly wears the stone. Amazonite develops intuition, improves mood, increases self-confidence. Protects from disputes.
Healing properties- Helps with headaches and sunstroke protection. Amazonite is recommended for spine, varicose veins, thrombosis, cellulite and obesity. Helps prevent eczema and dermatitis. Relieve the symptoms of arthritis and osteochondrosis. Beneficially affects the condition of the skin and hair.


Magical properties - Amethyst attracts love and luck, is a stone of peace and balance. -Stone of peace, wisdom, sincerity and protection. Strengthens feelings, helps against temptations and stress. Saturates with vital energy, peace and suppresses surrounding negativity. Invigorates, strengthens the nervous system, accelerates metabolism, normalizes hormones, helps concentration, promotes the development of memory and intuition. Helps maintain optimism and overcome fear. Healing properties - Able to heal headaches, colds, insomnia and nervous breakdowns. Helps fight addictions.


Magical properties - a combination of two types of quartz - Amethyst and Citrine. Increases optimism and good mood. Increases concentration, raises the level of intelligence and expands consciousness by connecting it with our higher self. Relieves stress and tension, calms the mind and helps focus meditation. Healing properties - strengthens the immune system, helps to recover after illness, purifies the blood and restores the physical body. Treats stomach disorders and regulates metabolism. Helps fight depression.


Magical properties - symbolize connection with the universe.The owner of an Ammonite has the opportunity to transform his life, taking it to a whole new level. Ammonite helps those people whose profession/field of activity is related to water, such as sailors, fishermen, divers, etc. Healing properties - treats skin diseases, helps regulate the nervous system and fights insomnia. Promotes quick recovery after lung infections. Talisman for pregnant women and women which planning to conceive baby.


Magical properties - Stone - guardian angel, protects against evil and negative energy, protects pregnant women and children. Angelite attracts luck, goodness and positive energy. Healing properties -The mineral has immunostimulating properties and has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system. Recommended for malnourished and sick people as an additional source of strength and energy.


Magical properties - a very powerful aura and environment purifier. Allows you to get rid of such hidden things that cause pain and problems. Healing properties – treats the digestive tract, helps the body absorb minerals and nutrients.


Magical properties - fills the room with high frequency love and peaceful vibrations. The stone brings peace to the owner and effectively relieves stress. The stone is a powerful conductor of energy. Healing properties - treats the respiratory system and helps to treats various allergies. If you place a stone on your chest, it can help stop an asthma attack, while if you place it on your eyes, it heals and restores. Improves memory.


Magical properties - Stone of harmony and inspiration. Encourages, improves communication skills, builds self-confidence, helps to deal with tension, distraction and gain purpose. Able to warn of impending failures and help prevent evil fate. The mineral helps to find inner harmony, teaches you to focus on your thoughts and tasks. Helps to get rid of insomnia, phobias, panic attacks and reduces excessive anxiety.Healing properties - Apatite is a very good indicator of health. If the stone has been shining for a long time, but has darkened sharply, it will indicate that its owner has some health problems. Beneficially affects the functioning of the brain and thyroid gland. Accelerates the process of treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes.


Magical properties - the stone heals our "inner child". Strengthens our empathy abilities. Helps develop intuition and improve psychic communication abilities. Balances and helps maintain peace, releasing anger and stress. Healing properties - Strengthens the immune system, helps the body absorb calcium, reduces tooth sensitivity, heals bones and restores their elasticity, relieves pain.


Magical properties - attracts love, helps to balance the feminine and masculine energy in oneself. The crystal calms and harmonizes, helps to get rid of stress. The crystal has a healing energy. Healing properties - reduces depression, heals emotional wounds and helps to see the meaning of life. Improves blood circulation and memory. Strengthens immunity and helps to get rid of liver diseases.


Magical properties - show our untapped potential and remind us that when one door closes, the next one opens. Helps to move forward in life by accepting everything new and getting rid of unnecessary things and beliefs. Healing properties - especially recommended for people with epilepsy. Stimulates the endocrine and nervous system, helps women with premenstrual syndrome and disorders caused by menopause. Astrophyllite relieves spinal problems and has
a beneficial effect on fat cells.


Magical properties - activates mental activity, helps organize
thoughts and focus on something important, especially recommended for schoolchildren and students. Aura Quartz accumulates positive energy, brings good luck and attracts material well-being. The talisman protects the house and family from evil. Healing properties - it helps in thyroid gland, skin, lung, arthritis, eye, throat and sea sickneass cases.


Magical properties - Amulet of love, it gives the owner great luck and inspiration. Helps a person find internal resources to achieve their goals. Aventurine calms, balances, improves mood, helps to find solutions to problems. Attracts money. Healing  properties -Especially recommended for people with skin problems. Helps with respiratory diseases, cleans the blood, normalizes blood pressure and prevents hair loss. Beneficially affects metabolism, vision, nervous system functioning and increases blood flow.


Magical properties - calms the mind and emotions, very useful as a talisman during exams, job interviews, presentations. Develops intuition, strengthens concentration and thinking abilities. Azurite is very strong in business, helped to see new perspectives and attracts material prosperity.The stone absorbs all negative energy and transforms it into positive energy. Healing properties - a very healing stone, you can put it on any painful place and it will relieve the pain. Helping cancer patients. Treats the liver and thyroid gland, and also helps with back and joint problems.


Magical properties - is a combination of Azurite and Malachite, which is a powerful energy conductor with the ability to reveal hidden negative thought patterns and cleanse and heal them. It is a very powerful crystal and should be used with caution. Healing properties - relieves bad energy blocks and tight muscles. It helps to identify and understand the causes of diseases. Harmonizes the psycho-emotional state.


Magical properties - restores and cleanses the chakras. It liberates if there is a tendency to submit to other people's opinions or obediently fulfill the wishes of others. Improves communication skills, strengthens memory and stimulates effective brain activity. Healing properties - increases life energy, calms the stomach and nervous system.


Magical properties - strengthens the family hearth, radiates the energy of love, protects spouses from the bad thoughts of envious people, maintainer of good parent-child relationships. The stone becomes a talisman on long journeys. It helps to find inexhaustible sources of energy, stimulates work and self-development. Beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduces anxiety and stress, normalizes sleep.Healing properties - Prevents back and joint pain. Accelerates metabolic processes and removes toxins. Helps to get rid of colds and various infections, serves as a prevention of gynecological diseases.


Magical properties - A powerful protective stone that protects against the evil eye and bad intentions of people. Helps people suffering from depression, stress and chronic fatigue. Fills its bearer with positive energy, attracts luck, accompanies success in work and personal life. Ideal for a person who does not want to give up and wants to win at any cost. Helps to find motivation and strength even in the most difficult situations. Healing properties - Beneficially stimulates the immune system and normalizes the functioning of the main organs. Helps treat asthma and psoriasis. Reduces fever and joint pain.


Magical properties - a symbol of sunlight, positive energy and warmth. It is able to get rid of neuroses and depression. Its energy gives vitality, healthy sleep, frees from nightmares and bad thoughts. Brings good luck and vital energy. Build self-confidence. Gives life-giving power, creativity, organizes
thoughts, and attracts success in financial transactions. Citrine is a powerful energy purifier and regenerator. It is able to cleanse the chakras, guide spiritual energy and endow with intuition. Healing properties - Citrine helps against allergies, diseases of the liver, spleen, gall bladder and stimulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Creates a protective aura around
the body, stabilizes brain activity, positively affects the psyche and nervous system. This mineral is useful for chronic fatigue syndrome, it regulates the endocrine system, helps to remove toxins from the body and cleanses the skin.


Magical properties - Helps a person regain strength, cheer up and even get rid of bad habits and addictions. Heals many physiological and psychological diseases. Absorbs negative energy. Raugh-Topaz is a stone of calmness and meditative reflection, it calms overly emotional people, neutralizes anger, reduces irritability and stress. Reduces jealousy, resentment and pride,
helps to get out of depression, and also weakens alcohol and drug addiction. Balances sexual energy and removes negative energy. Healing properties - It has a positive effect on the condition of the kidneys, adrenal glands, hypogastric gland and the reproductive system.


Magical properties A very powerful stone that relieves neurosis, sleep, cleans the aura of its owner, restores the energy product and creates an influx of beneficial energy. Affects consciousness, promotes the development of intuition, helps to rationalize thoughts and learn new languages. Fluorite has a calming effect, it reduces emotionality, stress, depression and allows you to achieve peace of mind. Healing properties - Stimulates the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Fluorite has a positive effect on the immune system, stimulating the regeneration of body cells, skin and respiratory tract.
Helps prevent, especially in rheumatoid arthritis.


Magical properties - Stone of passions, emotions and desires. Gives power, perseverance, trust, good health and the ability to control others. Garnet is able to improve the qualities of a person's natural will - purposefulness, courage, firmness and decisiveness. Helps owners in difficult moments, giving strength
to overcome all difficulties in life and strengthen family ties. Healing properties- Improves blood clotting, increases skin cell regeneration, increases hemoglobin level in the blood and maintains the general tone of blood vessels. Strengthens immunity and improves metabolism. Beneficially affects the living system,
prevents headaches and toothaches.


Magical properties - Gives strength, helps achieve goals, improves creativity and reveals talents. Healing properties -Treats diseases of the cardiovascular system, skin diseases, helps in cases of allergies, strengthens the immune system, prevents nervous exhaustion, chronic fatigue and stress. Reduces
toothache and headache.


Magical properties - A stone of femininity that frees from melancholy, evil words and the evil eye. Heals the nervous system by acting as an antidepressant. For women, Chalcedony jewelry brings family happiness, and for men - success in business. Chalcedony is the stone of teachers. Healing properties - Chalcedony helps with nervous exhaustion, improves sleep, stabilizes blood pressure and normalizes heart function. It supports the work of the vocal cords, makes speech coherent and convincing, prevents confusion during long-term communication.


Magical properties - Hematite is a carrier of power - it is a stone of the mind that carries power and protects from negative energy. Very useful for people who are very empathic and often absorb other people's negative energy. Hematite gives us courage, willpower and confidence boosting abilities. Promotes concentration and develops logical thinking. Healing properties - considered one of the best stones for strengthening healthy blood circulation in the body. It helps against high blood pressure, blood clots, heavy periods or other health problems related to blood flow. Hematite also keeps body tissues in great shape, ensures proper absorption of nutrients and detoxifies the body.



Magical properties - A calming stone that relieves stress, irritation and absorbs anger. Howlite relaxes the psyche, protects from negative energy and frees from bad thoughts. Helps students absorb new knowledge. Healing properties- Beneficially affects the bones, joints and muscles of the human body. Helps heal
wounds, fractures and fissures. Improves the course of pregnancy, normalizes cardiovascular work. Strengthens the human nervous system and prevents anxiety.


Magical properties - A source of good energy that brings happiness, peace, and protects from the evil eye. Healing properties - Helps to treat female diseases, female and male infertility, heals diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Jasper helps against toothache and epileptic seizures. Prevents memory loss, improves sleep and concentration. Heals vision.


Magical properties - Spreads life-giving power and positive energy. Calms down, prevents arguments and gets rid of negativity. Stimulates mental activity, sharpens the brain's ability to perceive information and improves memory. Frees thoughts, reduces anxiety, tension and reduces nightmares. Accumulates positive energy and protects its wearer from the evil eye and curses. Healing properties - Able to destroy viruses and bacteria, promote rapid regeneration of damaged tissues, heal the nervous system and improve the psychological state.


Magical properties- Give chastity and modesty. It will protect you from men's trickery and help you choose a partner. Especially suitable for overly emotional people, as it fills with peace and harmony. Promotes correct decision-making, improves concentration and attention, sharpens vision and memory. Healing properties - Positively affects the development of cells, helps to heal the
nervous, urogenital, muscular and endocrine systems. It positively affects the condition of the brain, lowers blood pressure.


Magical properties- Coral has powerful protective and healing properties. It is called the guardian of family happiness, asymbol of wisdom and modesty. Reduces stress, fatigue, anxiety, fear, depression and gives alertness. Corals have a beneficial effect on the human psyche, neutralize negative states - anger, envy. Attracts luck, protects against the evil eye and curses. Promotes a prosperous life together. Coral is a sedative, it helps with headaches, insomnia and nervous agitation. Healing properties - Corals have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, the cardiovascular system, activate metabolism, treat tumors, abscesses and ulcers. Coral is good for thyroid disorders and asthma. It is believed that when Corals are worn around the neck, they will protect against tonsillitis, scarlet fever and relieve nervous tics.


Magical properties - is a stone of feminine energy with very high vibrations. Very effective against emotional blockages that have accumulated and helps to get rid of them. It allows you to freely express your feelings, heals the mind and heart and helps you accept the opportunities that life offers.Healing properties - Kunzite is very good in cases of blood circulation problems. Helps to survive puberty very well, prevents PMS symptoms and reduces reproductive problems. Relieves migraines and helps recover from signs of physical stress. Helps treat neuralgia, soothes epilepsy and joint pain.


Magical properties - Attracts love, luck, success and material well-being. Develops imagination and promotes active thinking processes. Healing properties - Quartz has a positive effect on the chest, respiratory system and eases the course of colds.


Magical properties - A stone of magic that helps to develop extrasensory abilities, inspires, clears the aura, calms and helps to make decisions. Awakens hidden talents and improves material condition. Healing properties – Helps in the treatment of infertility, joint, prostate diseases and some diseases of the urogenital system. Reduces pain in spinal diseases. Labradorite's stimulate the metabolism and promote the elimination of kidney stones.


Magical properties - Larimar is filled with calming energy. Helps clear the upper chakras, strengthens inner strength and prevents toxic thinking and panic attacks. It is also a stone of courage that will help you overcome phobias and find your inner strength. Larimar gives its wearer lightness and a little childishness, which helps to experience the world with joy and ease. The crystal teaches you to respect, love and take care of yourself in order to be an inner resource and to give these gifts to others. Healing properties - it helps to prevent all kinds of blockages and heal ailments in the upper part of the body. Treats neck pain, fever, inflammation, high blood pressure, insomnia and various skin diseases. Larimar is also often used in acupuncture.


Magical properties- Lava is a stone of knowledge that helps you gain clarity of thought, focus and process information. Helps to fulfill all your dreams. Healing properties – Strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, reduces fatigue. Beneficially affects joints and blood vessels.


Magical properties – Symbol of luck, friendliness and sincerity. Helps the owner gain wisdom, cleans the aura, protects from the evil eye and changes fate for the better. Healing properties - Facilitates the course of various diseases. It has a particularly good effect on the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, purifies the blood, improves vision and treats the joints. Lazurite treats skin diseases and facilitates childbirth. Helps to normalize blood pressure and helps in the treatment of mental illnesses. Reduces epileptic attacks, migraines and improves sleep quality.


Magical properties - balances inner emotions and helps to get rid of old and unwanted experiences. Magnesite creates a positive attitude towards life, relaxes the mind and gets rid of negative thoughts. Helps selfish people to take a step back if necessary and listen to others as well. It also supports people who are nervous and fearful and helps them overcome irritability and intolerance. Healing properties - helps food to be absorbed better, eases digestion and flatulence. Magnesite contains high levels of magnesium and promotes its absorption. Treats bone and tooth diseases. It also detoxifies and cleanses the body of pollution. It is a good antispasmodic agent that prevents menstruation, gastrointestinal tract and muscle cramps.


Magical properties - Malachite strengthens the connection with the guardian angel, gives strength and sharpens intuition. It is able to protect against damage, the evil eye, improves sleep and reduces nightmares. Malachite is often used as a children's amulet, because the child is very vulnerable during sleep. Healing properties- Relieves various diseases, heals skin diseases,
treats bone and joint diseases. Malachite makes breathing easier, reduces the severity of asthma attacks, improves vision and relieves toothache. It is able to stabilize the functioning of the digestive tract, facilitates childbirth and relieves


Magical properties - Protects from bad energy and failures. Blood perceives, drives away doubts, neutralizes negative emotions. Attracts money and helps in business. Healing properties- Helps strengthen immunity, improves hair and nail growth. Beneficially affects the kidneys, heart and metabolism.


Magical properties - Mookaite is a stone of power, happiness and strength. The stone disciplines, helps in business transactions, reveals talents, and protects. Helps in cases of depression. Healing properties - Treats kidney, stomach, skin, cardiovascular diseases, helps in cases of angina and colds. Strengthens immunity, improves metabolism.


Magical properties - Accelerates thinking, reduces fatigue, allows you to maintain clarity of mind for a long time and promotes general well-being. In addition, it is used to get rid of depression and emotional turmoil. Healing properties- Able to relieve pain in the lumbar part of the back, including chronic
pain. Morganite is very beneficial for women's health and is used to treat diseases of the female pelvic organs.


Magical properties - Absorbs negative energy, saves from outbursts of aggression and fear. Improves intuition, calms, prevents cases of anger and family disputes. Healing properties - Heals skin damage, facilitates childbirth and stabilizes the function of the pelvic organs. Beneficially affects epileptic patients (shortens and weakens seizures). Heals insomnia, promotes
regeneration of the tract, frees organs from stones. Helps in cases of oncology, asthma arthritis and bone anniversaries.


Magical properties - Amulet of victory and greatness. Protects from negative effects and removes the evil eye. It has a beneficial effect on human sleep, relieving nightmares and insomnia. Gives people a sense of tenderness, justice, pursuit of knowledge, moderation of life, courage and purity. It promotes happy changes, breaks dead ends. It is recommended to wear it for those who want to change their worldviews and lifestyles and for people who seek enlightenment. Healing properties- It is called "kidney stone" and is believed to be the best for treating kidney diseases. Relieves pain and heals sprains, bruises and sprains. Helps to get rid of various infections and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Nephrite normalizes blood pressure, improves lung and heart function, prevents hair loss, strengthens liver, stomach, heart, bones, entire circulatory system, vision and hearing. This stone is an excellent remedy for headaches, dizziness, atherosclerosis, strokes and eye diseases.

Magical properties - Obsidian is a powerful energy absorber and guardian of information. It is able to protect its owner, taking on itself all the negativity directed at the owner from strangers. Obsidian is associated with creativity, passion and sexual attraction. Obsidian is a talisman for scientists, entrepreneurs, and
intellectual workers. Healing properties - Helps in the
treatment of colds, gastrointestinal diseases, blood pressure problems and nervous system disorders.


Magical properties – Symbol of hope, love, purity and truth. Opal can protect against diseases, supports the owner's talents, improves emotions and removes obstacles. Promotes freedom and independence, stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to get rid of anger, improves intuition and inspires. Healing properties -Opal helps with heart diseases, calms the nerves, protects against
melancholy, restores visual acuity, normalizes the pineal gland and pituitary gland. Protects against infections, reduces fever, cleans the blood and kidneys, regulates insulin levels and facilitates childbirth.

Magical properties
- Reduces tension, depression, anxiety, fear and panic. Increases joy, courage, self-esteem and talents. Protects from evil people and unexpected situations. Calms, warns of danger (getting heavier) and helps to make the right choice. Improves mood. Healing properties - Helps to restore the heartbeat and improves the functioning of the brain.


Magical properties - Stone of dreams and clairvoyance. Helps maintain harmony and comfort. Healing properties - Prehnite is a multi-functional stone that improves the condition of the area it comes into contact with. Improves memory, immunity and helps in cases of anemia. It has a particularly strong effect on kidney failure and gout.


Magical properties - Symbol of longevity, prosperity, fertility and marriage. Pursuit of pearls with beauty, innocence and sincerity. Brings great luck, harmony and improves financial condition. Pearls promote longevity, soothe the psyche and create peace. Healing properties - Pearls help in kidney, liver, digestive system diseases and hypertension. Pearls are used to treat ear and eye diseases. Helps with memory loss, nervous disorders and nervous weakness. Pearls are a good antiseptic.


Magical properties - Acts on the whole body as a powerful anti-depressant. Healing properties - Improves immunity and activating brain function.


Magical properties - Helps women organize their personal lives and enchant men. Helps maintain peace and removes negative energy. Improves sleep quality and relieves nightmares. Healing properties - The stone has a beneficial effect on all body systems, including helping the heart. Healers especially recommend Rhodonite to be worn by pregnant women, new mothers during breastfeeding and women who are unable to conceive a child. Rhodonite improves immunity, metabolism and brain function. Normalizes the functioning
of the gastrointestinal tract and participates in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.


Magical properties- It also has a calming effect, relieves long-term depression and obsessive thoughts. Able to help in the fight against nightmares. Healing properties-Normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, protects against the effects of stress, increases immunity and has a beneficial effect on the
cardiovascular system. Rhodolite is a good remedy for the prevention of respiratory diseases.


Magical properties – Talisman of love, beauty, health and youth. Helps to find a spouse and protect oneself from evil people. Increases overestimation and faith in one's own abilities. Dispels negative emotions (anger, fear and resentment). Positively affects the child's psyche. Healing properties- Treats the cardiovascular system, kidney diseases, thyroid gland diseases, skin diseases and helps diabetic patients. Reduces stress, depression and panic attacks. Strengthens immunity, prevents dizziness and improves sleep.


Magical properties -Stone of love, family and personality. Creates peace in the family, relieves suffering, prevents depression and aggressiveness. Helps to find the meaning of life and believe in yourself. Improves well-being, sexuality and
vision. Healing properties - Treats diseases of the nervous system, liver diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and improves the functioning of the digestive system. Reduces insomnia, stress and headaches.


Magical properties - Stone of luck and intuition. Rutile Quartz gives charm, increases sexuality, awakens creativity, prolongs youth, activates the immune system and helps to cope with depression. Healing properties - Beneficially affects the functioning of internal organs, normalizes the emotional background, organizes thoughts and normalizes sleep. Beneficially affects the female hormonal system, helps normalize the cardiovascular system, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.


Magical properties - Positively affects the functioning of the brain, reduces stress, protects from enemies and neutralizes negative emotions. Improves well-being and heals the soul. Healing properties - Beneficially affects internal organs, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and normalizes pressure.


Magical properties – A love amulet capable of attracting the love and attention of the opposite sex. Charged with optimism and energy. Able to restore youth and beauty, raises self-confidence. Fills the soul and subconscious with soft, warm sunlight, improves mood. Helps to find inner peace and wisdom. Stimulates positive thinking and intuition. Healing properties - Helps fight allergies, pneumonia, nervous disorders, high blood pressure, improves visual acuity, sleep and appetite.


Magical properties - Carnelian is a talisman of love and romance, who helps you find your other half and strengthens the relationship between spouses. It is also able to improve mood,prevent outbursts of anger and protect against negative people. Healing properties- Used to treat various diseases. Able to normalize bone structure and helps to get rid of various diseases of internal organs and skin. Helps in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases, stabilization of cardiovascular diseases, improves metabolism, relieves headaches and toothaches. It also helps in cases of infertility and anemia.


Magical properties - Selenite can reduce despair, organize thoughts, maintain harmony and love in the family. Helps to concentrate, calm down, improves memory, and also gives its owner the opportunity to avoid unpleasant life situations. Selenite cleanses and calms the mind, especially in case of emotional fatigue, increases concentration, strengthens the will and memory.  Gives prudence in words and prudence in actions. It provides a vision of the future, helps to skillfully bypass life's traps and avoid troubles. Healing properties - The stone also helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, spleen, migraine, hypotension, and also blocks inflammatory processes. Selenite is considered a remedy for headaches, high blood pressure and myopia. It treats apathy, reduces fever and is used for inflammation and infection.


Magical properties – Helps against evil enemies and absorbs negative energy. Healing properties - The stone has antiseptic properties, relieves severe headaches and normalizes blood pressure. Promotes faster recovery after operations and injuries.


Magical properties - Talisman of entrepreneurs, scientists and teachers. Reduces tension and insomnia. Brings health, luck,energy and success. Healing properties-Positively suggest the metabolism, endocrine and lymphatic system. Helps with thyroid diseases, strengthens bone tissue, improves eyesight.


Magical properties – Gives a strong nervous system and longevity, helps promote youth and good health. Brings happiness and success in love. Creates a sense of peace and security, able to awaken creativity and cheerful mood. Healing properties - Constant wearing of jewelry with tourmaline allows you to speed up metabolic processes, increase blood pressure, improve immunity
and restore strength. Helps with liver, kidney and skin disease.


Magical properties – Tiger's Eye protects the owner's cash flow well. Tiger Eye has high protective properties, it is used as amulets against the evil eye and troubles. The stone has the ability to redistribute solar energy and return it to a person to maintain health, so people who are prone to diseases are
recommended to wear Tiger Eye jewelry. Healing properties - preserves the general tone of the body, helps to recover after an illness, copes with overweight problems, helps to reduce appetite, stabilizes blood pressure, has a positive
effect on heart function, reduces the symptoms of arthritis, osteochondrosis and joint problems.


Magical properties - Topaz soothes, heals, recharges and aligns the body's meridians - directing energy to where it is most needed. It promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It helps to solve problems and express ideas. Healing properties - helps against digestive and eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, etc. Strengthens nerves and stimulates metabolism. Topaz is believed to help cure rheumatism and relieve joint pain. It also helps against heart disease, can stop bleeding and in small cuts, wounds or injuries.


Magical properties – Stone of harmony and balance.Promotes healing and strengthening relationships. Healing properties - It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and reproductive systems, the digestive tract, regulates fluid and metabolic balance, normalizes digestion and reduces acidity, helps fight heartburn and normalizes the breathing rhythm.


Magical properties - Gives a person peace and confidence. A symbol of love and goodness. Helps in closing profitable deals. Promotes wise decision-making, regulates and improves family relationships, helps in raising children. Protects from troubles and brings good luck. Healing properties - Strengthens the body, purifies the blood, treats infertility. Promotes the healing of kidney diseases, stabilizes blood pressure and the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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