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Moldavite pendant (Czech Republic)

Moldavite pendant (Czech Republic)

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Moldavite is one of the most exclusive and rare crystals on Earth. It originated more than 14.8 million years ago, in the distant past, a higher force - a meteor impact dealing with the Earth, which fell on the territory of the present Czech Republic. The price for this rare crystal is very high, because Moldavites are only found in one place and every year they become less and less available.Moldavite is associated with ancient legends about the Holy Grail. One of the legends says that it is a gemstone that fell from the sky during the heavenly battle between Lucifer and Archangel Michael. The gemstone fell from Lucifer's crown and is said to have a striking resemblance and magical power to that of Moldavite.Moldavite carries Earth and another world energy within it, so it is a very powerful crystal with a high vibration and the ability to remove blocks from all chakras. When holding Moldavite for the first time, a feeling of heat or tingling occurs, which is first felt in the hand and then spreads over the whole body.Moldavite brings luck and prosperity, is a good spiritual, fertility and protective talisman. Moldavite is believed to be able to slow down the aging process, is very good for healing eye and stomach ailments.

*The price is indicated for 1 pendant. The string is not included in the product price, it will come as a gift with your purchase. The gift- string is not covered by the warranty.

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