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Angel Aura Quartz druse/cluster 73g.

Angel Aura Quartz druse/cluster 73g.

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AURA QUARTZ- is a natural transparent Quartz, which gets its brilliant color from heating. A quartz crystal is placed in a heated vacuum chamber and vaporized metal is then supplied to the chamber, which deposits on the surface of the crystal creating an iridescent metallic luster. The color of Aura Quartz depends on the type of metal used. Aura Quartz activates mental activity, helps organize thoughts and focus on something important, especially good talisman for pupils and students. Aura Quartz accumulates sufficient energy, brings good luck and attracts material well-being. It, protects the house and family from evil. Healing properties - it helps in thyroid, skin, lung, arthritis, eye, throat and sea diseases.


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