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Selenite bowl (size-L)

Selenite bowl (size-L)

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1 Selenite bowl will be sent out. Since each copy is unique, it may differ slightly from the picture.

Using Selenite is a great way to cleanse your crystals, recharge their energy and amplify the effects of the crystals. Crystals should be cleaned frequently to remove negative or stagnant energy. If we use our crystals regularly, they can absorb negative energy and become 'blocked'. Crystals that you use quite often should be cleaned once a week, while crystals that are used less frequently should be cleaned and charged once a month. Simply place crystals or jewelry in the Selenite bowl and leave for 24 hours. We recommend keeping the crystals you use daily in a Selenite bowl at all times to ensure continuous cleaning.

!!!Selenite is a very soft crystal and should not be washed, it also scratches easily, so only use a soft dry towel or cloth for cleaning!!!

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