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7 Chakra bracelet with Lava (Lava,8mm)

7 Chakra bracelet with Lava (Lava,8mm)

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Handmade. Each bracelet is unique and may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture. As there are no two identical natural stones in the world, the balls included in the bracelet may differ slightly - color, texture, number of balls.
*If you need a different size, please contact us by writing a message to and we will make an individually suitable bracelet for you!

The magical properties of Lava:

• Stone of knowledge, helps to gain clarity of thought, focus and process information.
• Promotes creativity and helps fulfill dreams.
• A fantastic base chakra stabilizer and grounder.
• Helps control emotions and temperament.
• Cleanses from negative thoughts and emotions.

7.Crown chakra -Clear Quartz

6.Third Eye chakra- Amethyst

5.Throat chakra-Sodalite

4.Heart chakra-Aventurine

3.Solar Plexus chakra- Citrine

2.Sacral  chakra- Carnelian

1.Root chakra-Jasper


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