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7 Chakra Merkaba (1pc.)

7 Chakra Merkaba (1pc.)

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1 Merkaba will be sent out. Since each copy is unique, it may differ slightly from the picture.

Merkaba- is an energy field. Mer-light Ka-spirit Ba-body.

The Merkaba of the Seven Chakras is a set of seven crystals cut and shaped together. This Merkaba is designed to work with the seven chakras of the human body.

It is an interdimensional crystalline energy field consisting of two equal, interconnected tetrahedrons, or two regular pyramids. The word Merkaba is explained as a counter-rotating field of light that transports the energy of the physical and spiritual bodies and acts as a filter to guide energy from dimension to dimension. Merkaba connects spirit and body to higher forces and is commonly used in meditations. The Merkaba unites the opposite energies - male and female, earth and space - in perfect balance.

7.Crown chakra -Amethyst
6.Third Eye chakra- Iolite
5.Throat chakra-Sodalite
4.Heart chakra-Green Aventurine
3.Solar Plexus chakra- Yellow Aventurine
2.Sacral  chakra- Orange Aventurine
1.Root chakra-Red Jasper
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